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Hi, I'm JASON. Let's take your business to the next level.

With over 10 years of marketing and communications experience, I have honed my skills in managing websites, blogs, and other digital assets. My ability to develop innovative ideas and present them persuasively, coupled with excellent project management skills, enables me to lead cross-functional teams and deliver successful outcomes. Strong written communication skills have also been essential in crafting compelling messaging that resonates with diverse audiences. Overall, I am a valuable asset to any team looking to improve their digital marketing efforts and develop effective communication strategies.



I am a media and strategy expert with over 10 years of experience in media creation and marketing. Most of my career I’ve specialized in video production and marketing campaigns.


My diverse background as an author, marketing manager, filmmaker, and world traveler has given me a unique perspective on the world. Explore more details and read my articles on Linkedin.


My Work

Below is a list of companies and brands that I have worked with, serving as either the designer or the head project manager responsible for developing their websites and branding assets.




When you schedule a meeting with me I will listen intently to understand the needs of your business. I want to fully understand your goals and vision. I will then help you define marketing strategies and create a step by step guide to making it all happen.

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